Uncle Punch performed at the South by Southeast festival in Denver, CO.

Uncle Punch was full of energy and delivered a stellar performance at our Race to Cure Sarcoma Denver.  The perfect way to unwind after the race!

Michaela O. Mueller, | Senior Manager of Events | Sarcoma Foundation of America

Energizing and rocking, Uncle Punch delivered the punch to end our festival!

Kendra Black, Councilwoman and Organizer of the 2017 South X Southeast Festival

With a right-hook of Classic Rock and an upper-cut of musical prowess, Scott, Stu and Darrin delivered a knock-out performance for Colorado Bike MS. Expert musicians playing bare-knuckled rock n’roll and a cold Left Hand Brew after a long bike ride? A winning combination!

Michael Sarna | Manager, Bike MS & MuckFest MS

Taking you back to a time when
record stores mattered.

Giving back to the community

It is the goal of Uncle Punch to perform at least 20% of the time on a pro bono basis to help verifiable charities that the band believes in.  The National MS Society, the National Autism Association, the Denver Dumb Friends League, the Red Cross, and the American Cancer Society are all examples of non-profit organizations that the band would like to be involved with.

Denver’s Premier Hard Rock Power Trio

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